About A & B Aquatics

amphibian  vehicle A & B Aquatics is owned and operated by Aaron Jackson. Aaron started A & B Aquatics in August of 2003 after he helped clean a family members lake. It was then that he realized that cleaning a lake is hard work but the end result is breathtaking. Today A & B Aquatics is proud to service homeowners, business owners and communities throughout the Tampa Bay Area.

Ponds and lakes not only add beauty and value to the land, but are also a natural resource providing recreation and a habitat for fish and wildlife. Aquatic plants are an important element of any aquatic ecosystem, whether it is a pond, lake, canal, river, reservoir or any other waterway. However when aquatic plants begin to flourish and affect human activities negatively, these plants then become a nuisance. We specialize in aquatic weed and algae control using approved herbicides and algaecides.

The first step in controlling unwanted weed growth in your pond or lake is to identify the type of plants you are dealing with and develop a plan for their removal. This is what we do!

Trained, Licensed & Equipped

We are trained and licensed to handle and apply aquatics chemicals. We strive to develop a maintenance program customized to each individual client to control the vegetation while keeping in compliance with EPC (Environmental Protection Committee) and FWC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Committee).

bbb We are fully licensed by the State of Florida as a Professional Aquatic Herbicide Applicator.

Our goal is to help you have waterways that are not only aesthetically pleasing but that are ecologically friendly and protect Florida’s natural resources! We pride ourselves in treating every customer with respect and offering honest and fair prices and lake and pond management services!

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