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We provide quality control of all types of native and nuisance aquatic vegetation by using chemicals that are EPC approved.


We are trained and licensed to handle and apply aquatic herbicide. We strive to develop a lake or pond maintenance program customized to each individual client.

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We provide complete waterway restoration by transforming your waterway and making it more aesthetically pleasing. We even offer lake fountain installations.


The use of this specialized equipment makes it easy to service the needs of our customers, from large lakes to small ponds!

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Pickeral Weeds and Arrowheads make an excellent filtration system for moving water areas such as Littoral Shelf’s.

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Address: 8511 Gunn Hwy - Odessa, FL 33556
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Phone: 813-239-7801

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Our customers say...

A&B Aquatics was the incumbent. I bought a piece of property that had a beautiful dock and some lakeside maintenance performed by a company I had never met. So, I agreed to visit with the owner and give them a chance.

Proudly Serving Tampa Bay

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A & B Aquatics is a lake and pond maintenance company serving the greater Tampa Bay area. We are dedicated to your lakefront cleaning needs and are committed to 100% satisfaction.