Lake & Pond Cleanup & Maintenance

Having a beautiful lakefront and an ecologically friendly lake takes maintenance, just like your lawn! We work closely with a home owner, property manager or HOA to develop a maintenance program that is manicured specifically to meet the needs and wants of each client. By participating in a pond or lake maintenance program you will avoid your waterfront from ever being overgrown with nuisance growth again! Most maintenance programs are set up for monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly services. A & B Aquatics will apply herbicide to any re-growth of nuisance aquatic vegetation as well as remove any visible garbage.

What We Do

Ponds and lakes not only add beauty and value to the land, but are also a natural resource providing recreation and a habitat for fish and wildlife. Aquatic plants are an important element of any aquatic ecosystem, whether it is a pond, lake, canal, river, reservoir or any other waterway. However when aquatic plants begin to flourish and affect human activities negatively, these plants then become a nuisance. We specialize in aquatic weed vegetation and algae control.

Tampa Florida nuisance plants
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The first step in controlling unwanted weed growth in your pond or lake is to identify the type of plants you are dealing with and develop a plan for their removal. This is what we do! We are trained and licensed to handle and apply aquatic chemicals or to manually remove the nuisance aquatic growth such as removing lily pads or removing cattails.

Pond & Lake Maintenance Plans Available:

  • Monthly
  • Bi-Monthly
  • Quarterly